The Ghosts of Liberty

Ghostmaster! I add Subtlety and Poise into the Grog!” and another, “I add Tenacity and an Iron Will!” “I add Loyalty and Honor!” and so it went. Then Titus stepped forward. “Ghostmaster! I add salt to the Grog as a reminder of those ...

The Ghosts of Liberty

It is a bleak and hopeless future. The United States of America has been decimated by endless internal strife, giving rise to the People's Socialist Republic of America, a merciless state that tramples any who would dare oppose it. Now, after loyally committing herself to enforce the laws of the Party, a young Peace Corps Officer finds herself the next target in their sights. Laura must now learn not only how to survive against the insurmountable resources of the regime . . . she must also learn to fight back.

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